Tuesday, 7 June 2016


When I first started photography, long, long ago, under the tutelage of my Father, everything was taken in monochrome.   There was no other.   Somehow we all adapted to that.   So when colour photography became cheaper and more usuable, it was quite a shock!

Anyway, I managed to find a few monochrome pics for  Carmi's Thematic Photography this week.   Do go to the link to see what others have come up with.

Tangled rope on pale wood made a good monochrome shot.

Not strictly monochrome, but these galvanised bins were definitely grey all over!  Seen in our monthly market.

Snow always makes a good monochrome pic!

Hope you enjoyed these - do let me know if you visited!



Karen S. said...

I know your second photo is just tin cans, but how decorative they can be! Great photos Gilly!

photodoug said...

Gilly, tin bins make great yard ornaments. Thanks for sharing.

Tony McGurk said...

I love old galvanized stuff Gilly. We've got a galvanized watering can & bucket as garden decorations. The bucket has holes in the bottom as it was once used as a planter. The watering can still gets used in Summer to water our pot plants. Fascinating how the snow is so perfectly piled up on the thin branches. Great photo

Bob Scotney said...

All three are good, but the snow is my favourite. The cans reminded me of our old tin bath when I was a boy.

carmilevy said...

Hi Gilly. I absolutely love the texture of the rope-on-wood shot. I almost feel as if I can touch it on-screen and feel the roughness. Brilliant shot!

I'm glad you included the galvanized bins. You're right, they aren't strictly monochrome in the true sense of the word. But looking through my own archives, I've realized that many of my photos are technically in color, but they trend toward monochrome. That's either because of the subject matter, the lighting, or even the time of day. I love being surprised by these "unintentional monochrome" pics, and you've reminded me why these are so special.

The temp has been unseasonally low here for the past few days, so your snow pic is more timely than you could have imagined :)

Thank you so much for continuing to participate in - and support - Thematic. I very much appreciate it!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Nice shots, Gilly!

I should have taken a monochrome shot or two of the Black Rat Snake.