Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Carmi's Challenge this week is RED.

Well, you can't get much redder than crunchy fresh radishes, can you? These were at Stavanger Market in Norway.

And these were at Bergen Fish Market, also in Norway.

Now, shrimps I know, and those at bottom right must be lobsters, but what are those bright red, tiny things next to the lobsters?

And WHAT are those long orangey tentacle-type things in the top right??

Hopefully someone can tell me - as well as admiring my photos, of course. ;)


Little Nell said...

I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess Gilly as I am not a very fishy person. I think the word tentacle may be a clue to what you are thinking. Perhaps squid - large and small?

Your pictures are wonderful; ‘radish red’ should be a new colour in the paint palette!

Bob Scotney said...

I've bought fish at the Stavanger quay. I think that may be more prawns to the left of the lobsters and crabs at the top right. Your photos have made me hungry although all I could get easily right now would be the radish.

Max said...

I never realized shellfish had so much red in it, at least after it's cooked. But I really like the picture of the radishes, you can just see their crunch.

A Paperback Writer Photos said...

Those radishes are fabulous! I really like that shot.
I'm not keen on shellfish, but that's just me. Fun choices.

Carmi said...

I don't think I've ever seen such vibrantly captured radishes. Gorgeous shot...it took me right to the vegetable aisle of our local grocery. Your pic made me feel as if I could almost touch them!