Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Ah! Shopping! Don't like the boring sort, ending up with dozens of pre-used carrier bags bursting with packets of cereal and pasta, etc.

But foreign markets seem so much more colourful than British! This one is in Bergen, Norway, down on the Quayside.

And this one is in Stavanger, also in Norway. Just a small stall, but beautifully presented vegetables. I did wish I had been self-catering!

Our local Garden Centre does like to keep its goods nicely lined up. No leaf dare stray from the straight and narrow here!

And then there are the Flea Markets. I can almost guarantee that you will find what you need, and a lot of things you don't actually need but are wondering where you could accommodate them! This one is in our home town, and has a gorgeous foodie section. Last Sunday in the month - well worth going to stock up on cheeses, bread, and Greek and Indian goodies. And skeletons, of course.

And then you'd need something to carry all these goodies home in! This is in our indoor market, there permanently, we hope, so long as the rents don't go up any further and drive the traders away.

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Gilly's Camera said...

Oh Gilly, these are glorious!

Little Nell said...

Absolutely wonderful displays. Like an artist’s palette!

Alexia said...

Wonderful! I just love all of these - the beautiful fruit, the skeletons. Overseas markets are so interesting - and I really enjoy visiting Famers' Markets; must take my camera next time.

Max said...

Saw that first one with all the red, ripe fruit and thought "mmm, hungry!" Then the second to last one made me think "Hmmm, that skeleton would fit right there in the front corner of my classroom." Nice pictures!

Bob Scotney said...

Bergen and Stavanger - old haunts of mine. But I'd be a basket case if I had to visit all of these - I could tolerate the garden centre though. And the thought of one of those georgeous carrots eaten raw is making me salivate.

Mustang Sally said...

Nice shots! I especially like the second one with the carrots up front. Very nicely composed.