Thursday, 25 August 2016


There is something about an empty chair that can get us wondering.   Who sits there?   Have they just gone, just coming or what?    Over on thematic photography Carmi muses about a single seat, and invites us to post our seating photographs.

I took the following photographs when we visited Mallorca a couple of years ago.   It was the shadows and the unusual canopy that first intrigued me, and I wondered what on earth was going on.   When we came back along the other side, I could see that rows of chairs were being put out fora concert that evening.   The whole set up was fascinating, especially the shadows made by the canopy, and the rows of empty seats, except for the man doing all the hard work!

From above the shadows and canopy made lovely patterns

But from the other side I could see what was going on!

Go to the link above to see the seating plans of others - and post your own!


Gilly's Camera said...

Also very cleverly and beautifully captured......

Bob Scotney said...

Brilliant shots. I could study them for hours from a suitable seat.