Tuesday, 30 August 2016


A nice simple subject this week!    Street signs are everywhere, we probably only see them almost unconsciously, but they can be found all over the world!

A good, clear sign.   You see this on the road in the Arctic, you know what to expect!   And you had better look out, those females have BIG antlers!

Flea markets are fun!   You wanna buy a one-man band?   Table and chairs? a No Entry sign?    To you?   A fiver, sir.   Good condition, hardly used.   No?   A tenner for the band AND the No Entry sign?   Done!   You're a Gent!

Go over to writteninc. to see more Street Signs, or post yours!


Gilly's Camera said...


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Harrumph. Shouldn't they SELL FLEAS in a flea market???


Karen S. said...

Good morning! Oh goodness you are so right about that, especially like your last capture, too funny!

Bob Scotney said...

I saw many with the moose/elk in Norway, but no no entry signs in our local flea market - good capture.