Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Trademarks, Logos, whatever!   Some are simple and effective, some have been going for so long we don't really see them.    Not sure about the difference between a registered trademark and a logo, but I am sure if we started using someone else's, we'd soon find out!

Thematic Photography for this week is trademarks.   I couldn't get out with my camera, so went round the house, and found the following.

The charity British Heart Foundation.   Lovely and simple!

The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, in London.   Another really simple logo that says it all.

Sail away with Princess Cruises, presumably the blue wiggly bits are waves!

Says it all, I think.

Not too sure what that shape indicates!

Yes, OK, we get it!   And probably get what you pay for, as the saying goes.

Now this last one dates from 70 years ago!   Bob might recognise it.   Its the Utility sign.   During WWII in Britain, materials and goods were in short supply, and clothing, furniture and household goods were produced to a basic standard of quality, and with restricted patterns.   But it was fairly good quality, even so, we had a sort of fireside chair at home that lasted many years.   To read about it, go here.   And if you are in the UK this year, I can really recommend the "Fashion on the Ration" exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North, in Manchester.   It really is superb.

To see more trademarks and logos, go over to Carmi and see what others have found

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Bob Scotney said...

Yes, Gilly I recognised the utility mark but these days I'm more familiar with M&S!
I went round the house too but was swamped with ideas - none of which matched yours.