Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Looking at the world in an abstract way can lead to some interesting photographs.   Even just a tiny bit of the whole becomes interesting if you isolate it.   Maybe we should stop looking at the big picture all the time, and think more abstractly!   (only watch where you are going if you are out and about!!)

I photographed a big, rather leaning stack of metal chairs, and then turned the shot round ninety degrees.   Makes a nice study, I think!

I've never eaten Globe Artichokes, but they look interesting lined up at a market in Spain!

The curled bark of a tree in our local park.   Not sure of its name, but it has lovely shiny red bark.   The white lines are a spider's web.

Reflections of bullrushes in the water of the lake in our Park.

A ridge of water as the wake of the liner met the sea coming the other way!

Go to Carmi's Blog to see other abstract ideas, and post yours there too.


Bob Scotney said...

Not struck on the globe artichokes.However the other three are superb, especially the tree bark with the spider's web.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I wonder what those artichokes taste like, too.

Usually I don't bother cooking artichokes, but I partake if someone else prepared them.

Nice shots!