Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Carmi has sent me looking through the archives this week!     His challenge I didn't shoot this! is for photographs we didn't take.

Not having small or medium-sized children at home (or even large sized, come to that!)   I decided to look in the selection of old photographs I have.   Some of them are mysteries!

This first one is my Aunt.   It must have been taken some time in the 1920's as that is her maiden name over the door of the tobacconists.   My sister and I came across this in a whole bunch of family photographs, and we didn't even know that our Aunt had had a shop.   We think it is probably in Canterbury, in Kent, as that is where she always lived.

This next one is a real mystery.   It is labelled 'Seth' and as far as we can find out, we have no Seths in our family!   Was he a 'young man' of one of our Aunts as girls?   It must be taken in about 1939 as he is obviously ready to go to war.   But what happened to him?   Did he survive?

This next one is easy!   Its me taken by my father, who was a very fine amateur photographer, but who always carefully composed his pictures, and many a time I had to wait as he got just the right angle!   However, I don't think he must have waited too long with this one, as that ice cream would have melted!

And the last one is the youngest member of our family, composing her own picture.   Taken by my daughter who was looking after her for a day.   The net skirt is because she was being a Princess, but even princesses have to wear painting overalls!


Michèle Dextras said...

Wow, Gilly what a great idea, pictures from the past! You were so cute as a little one and that looks like a knitted bathing suit!

Alexia said...

This was a lovely idea! The pictures are really great. I have a very similar one of me and a bathing suit and an icecream!
Love the princess :)

jessbrady1035 said...

Gilly, I love all of these! I find the vintage picture especially interesting. The past holds such mysteries.

Bob Scotney said...

Old pictures like these are gems; and so is the little princess.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Very cute, Gilly!

And Seth is quite a mystery.