Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Its a great theme this week, at Carm's Photographic Challenge as he has chosen Muted Colours.   Anyone can make shots turn sepia, or black and white, or any other colour for that matter, but the natural world can produce stunning colours that are not all bright and showy.

I had a good look through my recent shots, and chose these:-

Raindrops on Hosta leaves

Shadows on our fence panel.   Honest, its that colour, that is not a black and white shot!

Frosted Ferns in our back garden

A Nature Reserve the other side of town.   It's old peat cuttings and workings, which closed down in about 1960, and which have just been left.   It is now a haven for dragonflies and other watery insects, plus there are some rare lichens and bog plants there.   So I am told!

A frosty morning when the sun was low, looking across the Pitch and Putt Golf course in the Park.   This is where our back garden gate opens onto, so is always the first thing I see every morning I take the dog out!


Lisa Shafer said...

Wow. These are all just so good! I think the hosta leaves look like watermelons up close like that. :)
The nature preserve is very pretty.

Michèle Dextras said...

Beautiful photos Gilly! I love the frosted fern and the photo of the fence panel allows our imagination to run wild. Thanks!

Max Sartin said...

Love the worn fence and the leaf with the rain drops on it. Great photos!

Alexia said...

Great choices, Gilly! The colours in the nature reserve foliage are so soft. I love the fence too.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Nice nature reserve. You could get some dragonfly pics, if you wait patiently...patiently!


jessbrady1035 said...

My favs: the fence and the frosty morning - really great shots, Gilly!

Bob Scotney said...

I shall now look at the hosta and the ferns in our garden in a different like. The ferns are against or garden fence but I couldn't shoot the way you have done.