Thursday, 1 August 2013


I had to think really hard for Carmi's challenge this week.   SIGNS OF THE TIMES sounded easy - I was going to drop my husband off at Manchester Airport on Wednesday - surely I could find plenty of signs there?   But it was raining hard, very busy and rather confusing (though the signage was good!) so I never got a chance.

However, thinking about it, we are surrounded by signs which inform or instruct us.   Everybody who does laundry will know this one!

Then I thought really hard and came up with the idea of MAPS!   After all, maps in themselves are signs.    And if up to date, then of the time!

This might not be exactly what Carmi meant, but its the result of lateral thinking!   To see signs from other photographers, go to the link above.


Michèle Dextras said...

Very original Gilly! Maps, we have hundreds of them from our bike trips and I didn't think of them at all but you are right, they are signage! Thank you.

Lisa Shafer said...

That is possibly the best photo of a tag I've ever seen. Odd, though, that the tag doesn't say where the garment was made.

Carmi Levy said...

It is indeed EXACTLY what I meant: specifically, that you'd take the theme and make it yours. And you have! A label is a sign, as is a map. And you've captured them both with your typical grace and care.

Funny, I was just reading an article today about paper-based maps, and how they still have a place in society. Your picture reinforces that truth, and I'm glad you shared it.

And the label? Divine. Feel that texture!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I agree with Carmi: I want to have a paper map, because some times your Garmin just isn't working.

P.S. (I wash all my clothes together on warm.)

Karen S. said...

Oh Gilly this is so cool! Great signs lead word by word!

Gilly's Camera said...


love it!

Bob Scotney said...

Never mind the map look at the right-hand page - it's full of signs.

jessbrady1035 said...

Gilly - who knew that washing instructions could be so beautiful! I really loved the lighting of the shot - so cool!